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A collage from left to right: President Franklin D. Roosevelt sitting in his wheelchair holding a black dog and a young girl standing beside him petting the dog. Michael J. Fox standing behind a podium. Michael Whitehead in his Wheelchair Rugby Team Canada uniform holding a rugby ball in his right hand. Stephen Hawking in his wheelchair in front of notes on a blackboard, Maya Angelou standing with a cane behind a microphone. Andrea Bocelli reaching for a microphone. Helen Keller touching the lips of Anne Sullivan as she speaks to her.

Course List

Our courses are divided into three categories: Business Accessibility Toolkit (BAT), Accessible Digital Communications (ADC), and Professional BAT

Business Accessibility Toolkit (BAT) Courses

The content of Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities  mandatory training courses was made possible via sponsor subsidies. 

The fees for the courses are for tracking, administration, content maintenance, and updates.

General Requirements – $25

Owners, Management, Leadership, Directors, Board members, and anyone else who develops policies and plans for your business.

To increase your market share, removing barriers allows more disabled people the ability to participate as a customer, employee, or volunteer in your workplace.

Topics Include:
Accessibility Training
Accessibility Statements
Accessibility Policies

Customer Services – $25

For every person who interacts with the public or 3rd parties as a representative of your business who provide goods and services – sales people, receptionists, servers, security guards, cleaning staff.

To open your doors to more customers, including those with disabilities, so everyone can benefit from the products and services your business offers.

Topics Include:
Assisting your disabled customer
Communicating with Assistive Devices
Service Animal Regulations

Information and Communications – $25

Employees whose duties and responsibilities involve communicating with, giving information to, or receiving information from customers, volunteers, or the public.

Everyone, including people with disabilities, can not only access your print and digital information, but the experience is engaging and satisfying.

Topics Include:
Principles of Accessible Design
Accessible Formats
Pitfalls in Accessibility

Employment – $25

For employees involved in any aspect of the employment cycle, including recruiting, hiring, retaining, and exiting.

Recruiting people with disabilities improves your business culture, ensures your workforce better represents your market, and drives innovation.

Topics Include:
Proactive Interviewing
Workplace Inclusion Plans
Facilitating Return to Work

Accessible Digital Communication Course – $150

The Accessible Digital Communication Course is a best practice starting point for the information and communication standard. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) is a globally accepted standard, but they are only guidelines and do not guarantee user satisfaction. In this series we offer you a new programming paradigm to explore and give you design principles to open new doors.

Accessible Digital Communication Part One

Business owners, managers, marketing/sales personnel, procurement  managers, training/educators, project leaders, software developers, quality assurance and testers and user experience designers.

ADC Part One teaches best practices to create digitally accessible workplaces for employees and customers.

Topics Include:
Transform your business
Position your products and services
Attract and retain customers

Accessible Digital Communication Part Two

Business owners, managers, marketing/sales personnel, procurement  managers, training/educators, project leaders, software developers, quality  assurance and testers and user experience designers.

Learn a new programming paradigm featuring design principles to expand marketing doors.

Topics Include:
Web Accessibility Standards and Usability
ARIA User Interaction
Accessibility Application Program Interfaces (AAPI)

Accessible Digital Communication Part Three

Business owners, managers, marketing/sales personnel, procurement managers, training/educators, project leaders, software developers, quality assurance and testers, and user experience designers.

Project leaders must understand how to integrate accessibility into the project life cycle and ensure quality control.

Topics Include:
Business Case for Accessibility
Accessibility Action Plans
Best Practice Tools

Professional BAT Courses

These courses are for advanced digital accessibility training.

Practical Digital Accessibility for Technical Teams – $1200

Technical delivery personnel and organizational decision makers.

In this course, we’re going to talk about making our digital products accessible. That means making sure that everyone, regardless of ability or disability, can use them.

Topics Include:
Assistive technology interacting with digital products
ATS testing strategy and frameworks
Tools to install and use

Audio Description: The Visual Made Verbal

Narrators/scriptwriters/producers for media, museums, parks…

This course aims to train students as audio describers with potential for the development and delivery of description scripts for professional, student, or community arts presentations.

Topics Include:
Editing-selecting key visual elements
Language & Vocal Skills

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