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The Business Accessibility Toolkit (BAT) is a set of multimedia learning tools designed specifically to assist businesses in educating and training their staff on how businesses are incorporating accessibility in the workplace.

The BAT product will consist of a variety of high-quality media with interactive components, progress tracking and evaluation tools. It will focus on practical, real-world applications of the various guidelines, with a specific focus on positive business outcomes.

We responded to what business stakeholders and accessibility experts called for, which was more emphasis on the business case for accessibility by presenting accessibility as an opportunity to reach more customers and expand the talent pool, especially as society ages.

All companies would benefit from having available resources which saves personnel time in locating applicable resources and in preparing government reports. We will be producing a package that business associations were part of; the partnership clearly defining together what they need:

  1. An evolving library of content
  2. Tracking Systems for Managers and Users
  3. User control within the training modules to customize the user experience
  4. Real-time Learning Environment i.e., online users could group problem solving
  5. Links to resources and professional courses
  6. Employee retention
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